The Putt-Thru Story

CROQUET MEETS MINI GOLF - A return to the classics…with just a little twist.

There is something important about traditional games that cannot simply be dismissed as nostalgia. And we think the time is right to revisit these games and breathe new life into them. Croquet has been around since the late 19th Century. Traditionally seen on the lawns of upper-crust society (only they had large lawns back in the day) croquet has had a resurgence in recent years as many people make the space to play the game in parks and at parties. On the other hand, with the recent TV reality show Holley Molley and pop up mini-golf courses in nearly every shopping centre, the challenge of sinking that little ball in the hole with your family and friends has heightened the love of these challenging games.

Did you know that the oldest known mini golf course in the world, the Ladies’ Putting Club of St. Andrews, is in Scotland? It sits right next to the legendary St. Andrews Golf Course, a regular site of the British Open.

Putt-thru Croquet is our exciting new mini golf putting game mixed with the classic fun of croquet. Players will alternate turns putting their balls through the numbered obstacles in sequential order to be the first to complete the course when they sink their ball in the hole.

The course is made from recycled pine pallets and the obstacles are a series of tunnels, planter boxes, bike wheels, ramps, and swinging bottles. Create your Putt-through course using inexpensive materials and stuff from your recycling or enquire to hire one from Brandition.


Many other nostalgic outdoor games are making a resurgence and there is something wonderfully pared down and self-reliant about them. Many can be played almost anywhere, they can cope with a wide range of ages, abilities and numbers of players, and the rules can be endlessly adapted – just as long as a sense of fair play is respected. Jenga, Corn toss, Quoits, Pick up Sticks, Naughts and Crosses, Finska, Bocchi and now Putt-Through! So why play games at your events? We’ve come up with 5 pretty good reasons why we think playing games is important, no matter what age you are.

Reason #1 - Games are skill-builders!

Of course, one of the main reasons we think games are important is that they encourage growth and development, whether this in an educational, corporate or fun setting a sense of 'fair play' or 'take your turn' is a great way to practice and reinforce team building skills.

Reason #2 - Games bring people together!

Games are one of the greatest ways to get people together and have a conversation. Lock all electrical devices away in a cupboard for a few hours and get the family together. Games are also great to get groups together to talk about ways to solve a problem or which move will crown you the winner! You never know, you may just create some friendships from it!

Reason #3 - Games are an instant mood lifter!