Fun Friday's

How can your workplace start injecting more fun into each day? We asked some awesome companies to share their fun games to play at work and these are our favourites:

1. Friendly sports match

Break into teams and organise a friendly match of touch football in the park or better still grab 4 friends and play mini golf!

2. Cooking competition

You will need cooks and judges. The cooks could be put into a round robin style tournament. They all must prepare something based on a theme or food type. The cooking competitions continue until one winner is identified. Why not, set up a cooking station and make it interactive.

3. The Building Challenge

Break people into teams and supply recycled building materials from around the office such as take away coffee cups, paper, paper clips, tape. Each team is to build a small bridge or a tower. The team with the bridge that can hold the most weight or the tallest tower is the winner. If your team likes building, they will love playing Jenga too. A great game to wake up the office when the tower goes CRASH!

4. Volunteer

Organise a day where everyone from work volunteers together at a local aged care facility, animal shelter or food producer. There are many great places that love work group volunteers but if you are looking to get your hands dirty and help urban farms grow food for those in need our friends at the Mini Farm Project would love to hear from you.

5. Chair to Challenge

Put together a team for a local fun run or marathon. If it’s a charity run – the company may offer to match donations. Train together at lunchtime. Set up a Strava leaderboard. There are lots of great fun run motivational tips on the Healthier Queensland website here.

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